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Lee Stovin

If you are looking for a leading Doncaster based marketing consultant who can help you develop that winning marketing strategy for your business using both online and offline channels Lee is the consultant for you.

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Andy Froggatt

Andy is happy to come to you for a free, no commitment, discussion on your business!

All Accountants are NOT the same. Yes I deal with your compliance work BUT let's talk about next year's accounts not last years! Let's meet on a regular basis. Let's grow your business!

I can help with Lead Generation. Conversion of leads. Increasing average spend of your customers. Increasing the number of times your customers buy from you. Improving your margins! It's all achievable!

Hey, we can discuss your tax bills too!


Emma heads up the recruitment side of the business, she and Lee are excellent at finding recruits for the marketing and IT industry.

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Your strategy is vital

In business or in personal life achieving your goals all comes down to strategy. You need the right strategy in place to help you achieve your goals. At Lee Stovin's we can help you develop your strategy by working with you on its different elements from its business plan, marketing plan, best accountancy practices and setup.

Maybe you want to achieve goals in your personal life such as having more freedoms. We can help you setup systems to help you work remotely and manage all your business remotely from using smart technologies such as mobile phones. We can setup and configure you project management systems so you can manage all your team remotely away from the office letting you take those well needed vacations.


Travel Blogger

I am also a travel blogger writing blog posts on places I visit, hotels I stay in and restaurants I eat at . If you would like to me to review your hotel or restaurant please invite me to stay and try your services for free and I will post a review with a link to your website.

Contact me on : 07796617570


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